Application delivery platform with AWS ECS

“Completely immutable infrastructure thus reducing operating costs, enhancing resilience and providing the ability to scale. Ultimately, we achieved our most important goal: delivering the latest changes as quickly and securely as possible without the risk of application downtime. //NDA// is now faster, more flexible and more secure than ever.” (c)

  • AWS ECS, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda/Python
  • Terraform, Packer, GitHub Actions

Full High Availability Scalable Jitsi Meet Cluster

“Thank you very much for your help during the pandemic. Our problem has been resolved. Now we are all back in touch.” (c)

  • Jitsi Meet
  • AWS ECS/Docker, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda/Python
  • Terraform, Packer, GitHub Actions
  • Ensuring that solution is as cost-efficient as possible

Old projects

  • Small DevOps transformation
    • Moved legacy systems to Docker and K8S on bare metal
    • Implemented CI/CD using GitLabCI
  • Bare metal virtualization
    • Building a data center with VMware HA Cluster
    • Achieve Service Level Agreements - 99.99%
    • 100% Physical to Virtual migration
    • Implement SAN storage systems, security system, environmental monitoring
  • Mail servers: MS Exchange, CommuniGate Pro
  • Analysing system for phone calls
    • Centralization of call logs from different PBXs (include Analog PBXs)
    • Web interface with monthly reports
    • Integration with billing system
  • Licensing and open source
    • Purchase of software licenses
    • Building a system for accounting for licenses of various software
    • Migration to open source software wherever possible
  • Corporate private cloud storage
    • Implementation of NextCloud project
    • Additional integrations with third-party systems
  • Windows upgrade system
    • Network-based installation
    • Centralized management
  • Game servers