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In the beginning, it is said that it is difficult to draw up 5-year business plans in an environment of rapid change. I would go with the strategy of still creating an action plan, but calling it a yearly guess. About company size, the book reminds us, that being small is not too bad. Further in the book, we will talk about hiring, so here it’s more about the fact that an increase in the number of people does not always increase productivity in general. There is an interesting example with a log when more and more people are asked to lift it together and the productivity of each participant falls lower and lower.

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Again and again. Motivation books, can’t forget that it is very important to do some kind of action, because having a business idea is not enough. What is important is the execution of this idea. Determine the position and set of functions or a set of service problems that the company provides and focus on them It is also worth paying attention to the main consumers of the product and making them as satisfied as possible because they are the ones who will bring others.

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“A business without a path to profit isn’t a business, it’s a hobby” I also agree that you should not think about how to sell the company at the beginning. It shouldn’t be the goal itself. Customers first.

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Without resources, a person can be very creative, he can remember himself in his youth. Therefore, it is important to focus on what is needed and not waste resources in vain. Also, focusing on goals helps you make small progress week after week. It is better to make small features, but often than to prepare a big release for a long time, leaving customers with an unfinished product.

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That the person himself/herself, that the team is always more productive when they do something real. Instead of overthinking the design of the site, design the page itself. Instead of a product description, make a mock-up. And again, about the fact that you need to have fewer distractions and set aside a few hours for a deep dive into the problem I also noticed that it takes a different amount of time to “dive” into different tasks.

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About copying ideas. I agree that it is important to have something unique in a product/company. Be different than anything. For example, there are a huge number of car brands on the market, but everyone is trying to stand out and get their client. Similarly, in other businesses, a unique offer is important.

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The ability to say ’no’, to any requests. It is also often found in books. It’s different for everyone, but it’s hard for me to say ’no’. High expectations. It is better to surprise with something good than with something bad. It’s pretty clear.

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In a small company, experiments are even easier. Interesting notes about marketing. Marketing in modern business is all that we do. The product itself, the emails sent, the invoices we issue, and even the error messages in the code are also marketing.

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About hiring employees. First, try to do it yourself in order to understand the full scope of the work. And good advice is not to hire a large number of people at once. This can make the team very polite, but no one can tell the truth.

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How to deal with problems and damage. I agree that you shouldn’t hide anything. The bad news is best told honestly and on your own In order for the employees themselves to make fewer mistakes or actions that can cause damage, the book is advised to put them on the first line more often. Here, perhaps, a recommendation will go to take some percent of calls/tickets, for example, to support and show them to the whole team The result will be a slightly closer contact, when a mistake, for example, hurts someone, or vice versa, a new feature pleased