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At the recent AWS Meetup – DevTalk in Bangkok, I joined a group of cloud aficionados and professionals, representing a wide range of industries. Organized by the AWS User Group Thailand, this event underscored the importance of security in the AWS ecosystem—a critical concern for startups, seasoned businesses, and especially for leaders like CTOs and DevOps professionals.

The event was a resounding success, attracting a packed audience of 500 attendees who were eager to delve into the latest trends and insights in the world of AWS and cloud technologies. The event featured a series of talks by industry experts, including Werner Vogels, Donnie Prakoso, Vit Niennattrakul, Ankit Mehta, and myself. The event was a testament to the growing interest in cloud technologies and the need for a community-driven approach to knowledge-sharing.


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Sharing the stage with industry stalwarts like Werner Vogels and Donnie Prakoso, my focus was on aws-vault—a tool I believe every startup and tech team should consider. In an era where data breaches can bankrupt startups or severely dent a company’s reputation, the elimination of hardcoded credentials is more than best practice—it’s a necessity. My talk centered around how aws-vault is not just a tool but a strategy to preemptively combat data leakage threats.

Every startup owner, CTO, and DevOps professional knows that a small oversight in security can lead to catastrophic outcomes. This event was a testament to the collective drive of our community to ensure that we’re all equipped with the knowledge and tools to protect our businesses.


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Feedback from the event reinforced my belief in the necessity of constant learning and knowledge dissemination. As threats evolve, so must our defenses. In upcoming blog posts, I’ll focus on AWS, security best practices, and the art of public speaking, delivering insights valuable to both decision-makers and hands-on practitioners.

For startups and businesses looking to optimize their operational costs while maximizing security, understanding tools like aws-vault is invaluable. The balance of cost-saving while ensuring top-notch security is a dance every CTO and startup owner should master.


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The AWS Meetup – DevTalk served as a reminder that in the rapidly advancing cloud technology landscape, knowledge-sharing is our best defense. My sincere thanks to everyone who attended, particularly those who engaged in enriching discussions post the event. I invite every CTO, startup owner, and DevOps professional to access the presentation slides here and to deep dive into the aws-vault tool through my detailed post here.

As we navigate the complexities of AWS and cloud security, collaboration and proactive learning will be our guiding lights. Stay connected for more insights tailored to help you lead and innovate securely.